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Major Carriers Flying from North America

Air New Zealand (tel. 800/262-1234 in the U.S.; 800/663-5494 in English and 800/799-5494 in French, or 604/606-0150 in Vancouver in Canada; 0800/737 000 in New Zealand; or 13 24 76 in Australia;

Canada 3000 (tel. 888/CAN3000 in Canada, 416/259-1118 in the United States, or 02/9567 9631 in Australia; www.

Canadian Airlines (tel. 800/665-1177 in Canada, 800/363-7530 in French in Canada outside Quebec, 800/426-7000 in the U.S. or 1300/655 767 in Australia;

Qantas (tel. 800/227-4500 in the U.S. and Canada , 0800/808 767 in New Zealand, or 13 13 13 in Australia; www.

United Airlines (tel. 800/538 2929 in the U.S. and Canada, 09/379 3800 in New Zealand, or 13 17 77 in Australia; www.

Hot Specials depart from Australia and are priced in Australian Dollars


from $379 American Airlines 'Explore the Americas Airpass'
American Airlines US Dollar Airpass fares Continental USA/Canada.
from $1089 Zip away to Vancouver with Canada 3000.
Canada 3000 return economy class fare to Vancouver.
from $1269 Canada 3000 take you to Vancouver.
Canada 3000 Return Economy Class to Vancouver.
from $1599 Air New Zealand 'Superpac' USA'
Air New Zealand Economy Fare to Los Angeles/San Francisco
from $1679 Qantas USA Superpac Advance Purchase
Qantas USA Superpac to Los Angeles/San Francisco
from $4075 Japan Airlines 'Business Bonanza'
Japan Airlines Business Class to USA/Canada/Mexico


from $1499 Qantas/Aerolineas Discover South America Fare.
Qantas/Aerolineas Discover South America Fare
from $1989 Qantas Airways and Lan Chile Special to South America
Qantas Airways/Lan Chile 45 day Excursion fare to South America