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Le Kilimanjaro

Contact Information
280 King St., Newtown  Phone 02/9557 4565

Cuisine Type: African   Reservations not accepted  Transportation: CityRail: Newtown  Prices: Main courses A$8.50-$9.50 (U.S.$5.95-$6.65)  Credit Cards: No credit cards

With so many excellent restaurants to choose from in Newtown-they close down or improve quick enough if they're bad-I picked Kilimanjaro because it's the most unusual. It's a tiny place, with very limited seating on two floors. Basically, you enter, choose a dish off the blackboard menu (while standing), and then you are escorted to your seats by one of the waiters. On a recent visit I had couscous, some African bread (similar to an Indian chąpatti), and the Saussougor di guan (tuna in a rich sauce). Another favorite dish is Yassa (chicken in a rich African sauce). All meals are served on traditional wooden plates.

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