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Contact Information
2 Sydney Rd., Manly  Phone 02/9977 3466

Cuisine Type: Indian   Reservations recommended  Transportation: Ferry or JetCat: Manly  Prices: Main courses A$9.90-$15.90 (U.S.$6.95-$11.15)  Hours: Daily 5:30-11pm  Credit Cards: AE, BC, MC, V

You'll be hard pressed to find a better cheap Indian restaurant in Sydney. Tucked away up a staircase next to the Steyne Hotel (just off the Corso and near the main beach), Ashiana has won a few prizes for its traditional spicy cooking. Portions are large and filling, and the service is very friendly. The butter chicken is magnificent, while the Malai Kofta (cheese and potato dumplings in a mild, creamy sauce) is the best this side of Bombay. Beer is the best drink with everything. My only gripe is that it's hard to avoid cigarette smoke in such a cozy place, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when the place is heaving. Clear your lungs and work off the heavy load in your stomach with a beach-side stroll afterwards. Check out the soda machine in Woolworth's just across the road for A80c (U.S.56c) cold drinks-the cheapest in Sydney.

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