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Green's Eatery

Contact Information
1-3 Sydney Rd., Manly  Phone 02/9977 1904

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian  Transportation: Ferry or JetCat: Manly  Prices: Menu items A$2-$6.20 (U.S.$1.40-$4.35)  Hours: Daily 8am-6pm  Credit Cards: Cash only

Of the many eateries in Manly, this nice little vegetarian place, just off the Corso on the turnoff just before the Steyne Hotel, does the best lunchtime business. The food is healthy and of good quality. The menu includes eleven different vegetarian burgers, vegetable curries and noodle dishes, patties and salads, soups, smoothies, and wraps. They serve some exceptionally nice cakes here, too, which despite being incredibly wholesome are still surprisingly tasty.

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